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We let our passion for science empower your passion for business

Our solutions provide mid-market companies with a cost-effective and powerful solution for IP-led growth that delivers seamlessly integrated techno-legal and commercial services at a significantly lower cost than traditional IP services model offered by Patent attorneys and IP lawyers. Our IP strategy comprehends industry standards and regulations, brand management and contractual obligations, thereby minimising risk of litigation and building sustainable competitive advantage, while enhancing the revenue potential.


IP Dome’s comprehensive IP research & analysis reduces risks of challenges to commercialisation by competition. We use proprietary algorithms to ensure that the reports generated are comprehensible and actionable. IP DOME’s service portfolio is unique in its flexibility. By simplifying the process of identifying, disclosing, protecting and monetising IP, IP DOME’s processes enable R&D personnel and management to interact seamlessly with other departments such as finance and law towards a strategic growth plan.


The comprehensive IP process pipeline can be augmented with specialised services such as Invention Trend analysis, market scope analysis, and international patent protection strategies, in addition to conventional Infringement Analysis, landscaping, mapping and prior-art services. Our services are designed around your strategic goals and your growth plans. We study the technology trends in your domain and enable your team to develop IP that would create the market of the future.



IP Strategist & Advocate

Guest Faculty, Nalsar University Of Law, Hyderabad

Director, Centre for Law & IPR, S.A. Engineering College, Thiruverkadu

Member-legal, Institutional Human Ethics Committee, NIE - ICMR

Mobile: 09841282396



IP Strategist-Registered Patent & Trademark Agent

CEO, IP DOME IP Strategy Advisors 

Mobile: 09841730474


HP Profile picture.jpeg


Partner & Market Strategist 

Visiting Faculty, Indian Institute of Management-Indore

Advisor, Centre for Law & IPR, S.A. Engineering College, Thiruverkadu

Phone: +91-44-42116559


Our work






  • Copyright filing

  • Copyright license drafting

  • Design Search and analysis

  • Design registration and prosecution

  • Geographical indication registration and prosecution and

  • IC layout registration



  • Trademark search and analysis

  • Trademark registration

  • Prosecution-Trademarks 

  • Trademark portfolio management

  • Trademark oppositions

  • Filing strategy

  • Trademark agreement drafting

  • Trademark Opinion Rendering

  • Trademark monitoring


  • Prior art/patentability search

  • Validity/invalidity search

  • Freedom to operate search

  • Technology trend analysis

  • Patent application drafting

  • Patent filing & prosecution

  • Patent Cooperation Treaty



    • Responsive and result oriented IP strategy

    • Alignment of IP with business strategy

    • Strategic IP development

    • Customised Research and innovation strategy

    • IP audit and mining




Seamlessly integrating research outcomes with legal requirements and business strategy

A robust IP Strategy enables corporate decision makers to assess the IP potential of the company and to more concretely, and actionably, understand the extent to which knowledge and IP generation in the company can emerge as the primary competitive factor. The building of an IP strategy requires close co-operation and interaction between the IP advisor and the personnel working with IP, marketing, product development, R&D and the legal departments.


Having assessed the processes and procedures in place to generate, protect, enforce, and check infringement of intellectual property rights, IP strategy ensures harmonious and authorised use of third-party IP in-house and creates a dynamic and flexible approach for addressing infringement issues and IP disputes; and for receiving, evaluating and processing IP disclosures. IP strategy relies on concrete results from processes including IP audit, IP mining, IP landscaping and IP valuation, to enable a long term sustainable competitive advantage for the business.












are excited by technology 

work at the intersection of the Lab, the Law and the Market

trust our Team deeply


like travel and time outs

We love technology that has global impact and can be applied to big problems. When we are engaged in technology analysis or drafting of specifications, we commit to the process and the output. We meet many times – formally and informally, and discuss every aspect of the technology.​

We invite experts, and we focus on the client and her/his vision. We frame and reframe goals and expected outcomes till the processes are clear and the team envisages the destination. This is the secret of our excellence – we don’t rush into the task with uncertainties. The process of arriving at certainty is frequently full of fun and noise. The inventor company is an integral part of the process. They meet with our technology team and our market team to develop and integrate strategy into their product. 

We love technology that has global impact and can be applied to big problems. When we are engaged in technology analysis or drafting of specifications, we commit to the process and the output. We meet many times – formally and informally, and discuss every aspect of the technology.​

Did you build a model aeroplane over the weekend? Do you plan to go to the Himalayas in June? Is there a conference on Hacking that you want to attend? Travels, time-outs, passion projects, hobbies – we want to hear all about them. We believe that to Work Smart, we need time outs for passion projects. Our employees are as excited to come to work, as they are to leave work! And that is the way we like it.

We Trust 

We Love 

We Travel

We  Collaborate


We are what we repeatedly do;

Excellence is a Habit.

IP Dome IP Strategy Advisors,
No.08, First Floor,
Ega Trade Centre,
809, Poonamallee High Road,
Kilpauk, Chennai-600010.


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